Walgreens – Banco Popular

EEA consultants assisted in the development of Walgreens and Banco Popular development, located at the intersection of Fullerton Avenue and Cicero Street in Chicago, coordinating civil site design with two different architects. Because different teams were procured for the project, distinct phases were established, and the buildings were constructed at different times, sharing a parking lot and stormwater detention system. Because usable land was at a premium in the Chicago downtown area, a large, oversized detention system was designed to store the required stormwater volume out of sight to prepare for any future needs.

Both Fullerton Avenue and Cicero Street are owned by the Illinois Department of Transportation, so additional coordination and permitting was required to allow for multiple access points to the property for the convenience of the visiting patrons. EEA also conformed the site to Walgreens corporate engineering standards, allowing for quick and easy access for area customers.

Scope of work icon Scope of work New Retail Development, Phasing, Stormwater Detention, Parking Design, Permitting & Approvals
Owner icon Owner Mega Realty
Architect icon Architect Camburas & Theodore, Ltd. & Pappageorge Haymes, Ltd.