Village of Oswego Police Headquarters and Training Facility

Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. (EEA) worked alongside HOK Architects on the new 70,000 square foot Village of Oswego Police Station on Woolley Road.

The new station is on a 17-acre site adjacent to the Oswego Fire Department. The project site is bounded by the Waubonsee Creek to the north and the east.

EEA’s design team faced significant challenges coordinating the design/construction of the new police station due to multiple public improvements projects occurring simultaneously: the widening of Woolley Road, the extension of a public watermain and sanitary sewer, and the relocation of Commonwealth Edison Company to the Woolley Road right of way.

During construction, subsurface soils were determined unsuitable for the new facility. Consultants from EEA recommended borrowing structural suitable clay from the property to the east and exchanging it with the current soil. Upon completion of the project, a naturalized retention basin was constructed on the east side of the property to provide added water quality benefits and the necessary stormwater detention.

This project was selected as a Chicago Building Congress 2019 Merit Award Finalist.


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