Village Church of Lincolnshire

Located in the far north suburbs of Chicago, the Village Church of Lincolnshire project consisted of a building addition, parking lot expansion and alternative methods of stormwater management.

This project required careful planning, as the site was heavily wooded, and the owners requested the site be as undisturbed as possible during construction. Additionally, the project included adjustments to utility services in the right of way, requiring special approval from local officials and the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) to proceed.

EEA worked with the design team to create a parking lot expansion that preserved as many of the existing trees as possible while simultaneously meeting the needs of the church membership.

An alternative method of stormwater management was designed to eliminate the need for a separate detention basin, helping to preserve the wooded character of the site. During the permitting and approval process, EEA was able to negotiate with the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission to authorize the Village of Lincolnshire to enforce the county-wide stormwater ordinance on their behalf, eliminating the need for multiple agency reviews and permits.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Building Addition, Parking Expansion, Stormwater Management, Permitting & Approvals
Owner icon Owner Village Church of Lincolnshire
Architect icon Architect David R. Johnson Architecture