Skokie Morton Grove School District 69

Lincoln Junior High School

In 2006, EEA was called on by Skokie Morton Grove School District 69 to investigate the cause of flooding within the lower level of Lincoln Junior High School. The flooding issues occurred repeatedly for many years and the District tasked EEA engineers to design corrective measures.

The original school building was constructed in 1926, and over the years, many building additions and interior modifications were made.  EEA determined that the roof drains that were connected to the interior sanitary sewer system did not have the capacity to manage the flow generated during significant rainfalls. In addition the findings of the study showed the municipal sewer system was also contributing to the issue.  To mitigate the flooding issues, the roof drains were disconnected from the interior plumbing system and a storm water lift station with backflow prevention was installed.  The school has not flooded since.

Most recently, EEA worked at the school as a sub-consultant on multiple projects including a new entryway, parking lot/access improvements, a student drop-off area, stormwater management facility, re-graded soccer field, and a community running track.  Permits were acquired from both the Village of Skokie and the MWRD.

EEA’s Director of Traffic and Parking prepared an access exhibit for the relocation of the school’s driveway on Lincoln Avenue and secured the required permits from IDOT.

Madison Elementary School

In 2009, EEA first assisted the elementary school with an extensive play area expansion to better accommodate the needs of students and teaching staff. As prime consultants, EEA developed all contract documents and managed the project from the bidding process and permit acquisition through completion of construction.

EEA designed pavement improvements equipped with new basketball hoops and a running track around the perimeter of the playground. To aid physical education staff and playground monitors, colored, circular striping “pods” were also included for outdoor learning activities.

In 2014, EEA acted again as a sub-consultant and assisted with the design of a new main entrance addition and entry plaza for Madison Elementary School. In addition to securing permits from the Village of Skokie and the MWRD, EEA also ensured the project met ADA requirements.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Permitting & Coordination, Paving Design, Flood Study Traffic & Parking, Stormwater Detention