Photo Credit: QTS Chicago Data Center

QTS Chicago Data Center

QTS Realty Trust aims to repurpose existing facilities into new data centers. When the data center service provider wanted to open a Chicago location, the vacant Chicago Sun Times building had the perfect amount of space within an existing structure for a retrofitted facility.

Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. (EEA) worked closely with design team partners from Corgan Associates, Mortenson Construction and Environmental Systems Design on a multi-phase data center campus project spanning 30-acres.

Phase 1: QTS Occupancy and Stormwater Master Plan
The critical electrical and fiber optic infrastructure was installed to support the operations of the data center. EEA developed a stormwater master plan to guide all site improvements and permitting needs through the end of the project. Through coordination with local permitting agencies, EEA was able to reuse the existing stormwater basin to save the owner construction costs.

Phase 2: Building Addition
EEA’s stormwater master plan exempts QTS from fulfilling stormwater management requirements.  The roof drainage is classified as a tributary to the Chicago River. A bypass sewer was implemented to carry the water flow from the 120,000 square foot building addition and future campus buildings. EEA wrapped up work on phase two with the design and installation of a vibrant new rain garden facility.

Phase 3: ComED Substation
QTS designated two acres of the campus for a ComED substation to power the campus buildout. Working with the MEP consultant, EEA located space among the existing sanitary, storm and utilities for several electrical conduits and 3,000 feet of concrete-encased duct banks. Fitting the substation into the site saved QTS additional project costs and added buildable space to their campus.


Photo courtesy of QTS Chicago Data Center


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