New Trier High School

EEA was asked to assist Township District 203 directly with renovations to their athletic fields as part of several improvement projects at New Trier High School. To better serve their students from both Northfield and Winnetka, as well as the variety of athletic programs offered, the District planned to design and install several synthetic turf facilities, including a stadium soccer/football/lacrosse field and two practice fields used for football, field hockey, soccer and lacrosse. EEA also assisted with the development of a concrete paver plaza concession and gathering area near the fields to accommodate spectators.

Stormwater detention considerations were important on the site, as the area had flooding in the past. To help keep water off the fields, an underground detention tank system was developed, Simultaneously, adjacent grass practice fields were regraded and received drainage improvements.

Because the District had been considering this development for some time, there were uncertainties surrounding permitting requirements, drainage needs and best solutions. EEA was able to work with the District to permit through the Village of Northfield and Cook County Highway yet avoid additional approvals through other organizations. EEA consultants were able to save time and money for the District with a strong understand of local ordinances. The fields were completed in a short time frame and preparing them for use before the start of the season.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields, Paver Plaza & Concessions, Underground Detention System, Regrading & Improved Drainage
Owner icon Owner New Trier Township High School District 203