Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library

Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. (EEA) provided civil engineering services for the construction of the new 21,000-square-foot, two-story Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library. Located within a residential neighborhood, the site encompassed two parcels of land, divided by a roadway. With a budget of $11 million, the project involved the creation of a new facility and subsequent demolition of the 30-year-old outdated Brookfield Library. Eventually converted into a much-needed parking lot, the old building consisted of a dimly lit, cramped space, which the community had outgrown. In contrast to its predecessor, the new Brookfield Library offers a vibrant, spacious, and contemporary educational gathering place.

A key project goal was to keep the existing library open during construction of the new facility.  EEA worked with the design team to analyze multiple options, including vacating an existing roadway, before agreeing on the final site layout. To save the client money, EEA’s design included repurposing the existing building’s basement as a stormwater management facility, eliminating the need for a prefabricated vault. The project also included relocation of the book drop box, adding a building drop off, and an outdoor plaza to help the library patrons enjoy the exterior space surrounding the library.  EEA’s civil engineering expertise provided designs for site grading, utilities, stormwater management, erosion control, and permitting.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Site Grading, Utilities, Stormwater Management, Erosion Control, Permitting
Owner icon Owner Village of Brookfield
Architect icon Architect Product Architecture+Design
Construction Manager icon Construction Manager IHC