Photo Credit: Bob Elmore & Associates Photography
Photo Credit: Bob Elmore & Associates Photography
Photo Credit: Bob Elmore & Associates Photography

Kishwaukee College

Kishwaukee College is a community college situated about 10 minutes west of Northern Illinois University.
The college underwent an extensive campus buildout starting in 2011/2012, adding multiple buildings, reconfiguring the athletic complex, providing stormwater management facilities, and re-visioning the overall property.

Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. (EEA) has worked on the campus of Kishwaukee College since 2016.
EEA was brought into the fold to help complete the concepts set in motion, especially on the site infrastructure and maintenance side. The versatility of EEA’s portfolio enabled the team to jump in and assist with the project workload that needed completion.

EEA civil engineers completed design packages for renovations on Parking Lot D to add more space for the college’s truck driving training program. EEA’s scope of work involved replacing landscape islands, providing storm sewer improvements, fixing areas with pavement problems, overview of asphalt pavement installations, re-configuring the access points, and enhancing the campus with landscape improvements.

In 2017, EEA replaced the entire west side of the Lot A parking Lot. Underdrainage/sub-drainage was added as well as storm sewer improvements, re-striping, and subgrade replacements/undercutting. EEA reviewed the pavement of the entire ring road. As part of the scope, EEA identified portions that required pavement removal, replacement, crackfill and sealcoat maintenance. The team also noted portions abutting the ring road that needed curb removal and replacement.

As part of EEA’s scope, we were tasked with looking into drainage capacity issues in some areas on campus such as a couple of internal courtyards, open spaces, and parking lot areas. The study portion of the project commenced with deep dives into the existing infrastructure data, site visits to observe conditions, discussions with campus staff on hotspots, and conceptualizing potential improvements. As the assessment and final design approach began, the campus community had new items to address and this project has been tabled.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Site Improvement Packages, 2016 Package – Truck Driving Practice Area, 2017 Parking Lot & Ring Road Improvements, 2017 Summer Paving Renovations, West Area and Courtyard Drainage Analysis, Parking Lot D Renovations, Campus Utility Atlas & Capacity Analysis – Phase 1, 2021 Pavement Maintenance, Campus Stormwater Improvements, Baseball Field Improvements
Owner icon Owner Kishwaukee College
Architect icon Architect Demonica Kemper Architects (DKA)