Hickory Creek Middle School

EEA consultants first worked with District 157-C in 2003 to assist with the design of the new Hickory Creek Middle School, originally name Frankfort Jr. High School. Civil work coordinated by EEA incorporated site geometry, utilities, paving and grading.

Additionally, EEA connected the main road and neighboring subdivision via access roadways and drop off lanes. A separate set of roadway improvement drawings were prepared according to village standards outlining site access, as well as the widening of 116th Street and addition of turn lanes for both north and southbound motorists. To ensure appropriate stormwater storage was available, EEA designed an onsite basin for portions of the property and provided calculations to adjacent property owners for future developments.

EEA was later asked to again work with the school district to design additions to several schools, including Hickory Creek. The 19,000 square-foot, 2-story addition and renovation included additional utility design, paving, grading, stormwater analysis, and coordination with various permitting agencies.

Scope of work icon Scope of work New Construction, Building Addition & Renovation, Utility Design, Paving Design, Roadway Widening & Design, Stormwater Management
Owner icon Owner Community School District 157-C
Architect icon Architect FGM Architects