Hampton Inn Homewood Suites

Located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood at 118 North Jefferson Street, a 23-story building houses both a 210-room Hampton Inn and a 128-room Homewood Suites. VOA Associates enlisted the expertise of Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. (EEA) to ensure seamless integration of customized stormwater systems while meeting unique site challenges. The building, for example, occupied less than 85% of the lot and therefore required additional stormwater detention based on City of Chicago code.

Our team of engineers secured all necessary city permits and collaborated with the architect to design a trench drain system that would not compromise the hotel’s entrance or the outdoor restaurant deck’s functionality. The system’s narrow basins and longer slope effectively divert water away from the building while keeping the pavement level.

EEA continued its approach by tailoring the stormwater tank system’s design below the building to align with the contractor’s specific requests. To avoid impacting the adjacent buildings’ foundations, both parties carefully selected a tank with a larger capacity and depth.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Stormwater Detention, Site Design, Permitting, Grading
Owner icon Owner Juniper Reality Co
Architect icon Architect VOA Associates