Covenant Village of Northbrook

Covenant Village of Northbrook is a continuing-care retirement community that sits on a 50-acre property and includes several independent-living homes and apartment buildings, as well as assisted living buildings and a town center.

EEA consultants have been involved with the Covenant Village of Northbrook campus for more than 20 years and, most recently, in the design and construction of their new town center and three-story residential building. In the development of construction drawings for the new buildings, EEA worked with the owners and design team to procure zoning approval from the Village of Northbrook.

Due to the location of an existing creek and associated regulatory floodplain near the project areas, EEA created a site and grading plan that provided the required floodplain volumes while maintaining the access and aesthetics of the site. Stormwater management accommodated the need for usable space for residents by placing the required stormwater detention volume in an underground facility. EEA also designed the necessary utility improvements and facilitated all permit applications required by state and local agencies.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Senior Living Community, Utility Design, Flood Mitigation, Stormwater Management, Land Conservation, Permitting
Owner icon Owner Covenant Village of Northbrook
Architect icon Architect OWP/P Architects, PFB Architects