Aurora Sinai Medical Center Parking Study

Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. (EEA) was retained by Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc. on behalf of Advocate Aurora Health (AAH) to conduct a parking study for their campus. The purpose of the study was to evaluate existing and future parking conditions at the campus in conjunction with 1) the clinic relocation, 2) existing parking issues, and 3) the growth of patient admissions.

The project consisted of parking studies for the Aurora Sinai campus, which included six buildings, eight surface parking lots, and two parking garages with over 1,500 parking spaces. Parking surveys were conducted at the campus representing typical operating conditions and regularly scheduled training and hiring events.

Upon completion of the studies, EEA made several recommendations to improve parking at the campus, which were presented to the AAH Vice President of Operations, parking security staff, and user groups. These recommendations included:

  1. Improvements to several of the parking lots to increase the number of available spaces including simple re-striping plans to maximize efficient use of available space to geometric and access modifications that could be implemented in a phased approach.
  2. Schedule staff meetings and hiring events on Thursdays or Fridays when the overall activity at the campus is lower.
  3. Provide off-site parking for employees with a shuttle service to preserve existing parking capacity for patients and visitors.
  4. Provide incentives to increase the use of public transportation by employees.
  5. Locations for future parking structures.
Scope of work icon Scope of work Parking Studies
Owner icon Owner Advocate Aurora Health
Architect icon Architect Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc.