Antioch CCSD 34 Sequoit Creek Culvert Replacement

EEA assisted Antioch Community Consolidated School District 34 with the replacement of an existing large diameter culvert on Sequoit Creek, an active waterway with an Advanced Identification (ADID) wetland determination.

EEA, along with School District 34, determined that the existing culvert was deteriorating and in need of replacement. The corrugated metal pipe failed to reach its anticipated life span and the school district wanted to investigate different material alternatives to increase its durability. EEA researched several culvert options and recommended a concrete box culvert solution that avoided altering the crossing’s flow characteristics.

During construction, a temporary stream diversion was formed to guide the waterway around the work zone. This reduced the risk of soil erosion polluting the remaining waterway and downstream lakes. The diversion swale concept also created a dry work zone allowing the contractor to complete the project in a shorter period of time, minimizing roadway closures at the crossing.

As part of the project, EEA secured all necessary permits through the Army Corps of Engineers, the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the Village of Antioch.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Culvert Replacement, Permitting and Coordination
Owner icon Owner Antioch Community Consolidated School District 34
Construction Manager icon Construction Manager Berger Construction