Parq Fulton (1400 W. Randolph)

The Fulton Market District is the fastest-growing, most diverse real estate market in the United States. Sitting on the western edge of Chicago’s Fulton Market District, the Parq Fulton, located at 1400 W. Randolph, will generate $2.6 million for the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund, which will go toward investments in the South and West sides of Chicago. This high-rise, mixed-use residential tower features a modern design and various amenities. Redevelopment of the 343,880 SF site contained a parking lot, restaurant, and portions of a vacated street. The parking lot will consist of 67 parking spaces, and the ground floor will be occupied by retail and dining options. Standing 26 stories tall with 278 units, this development is close to public transportation, including the CTA Ashland Station.

As the civil engineering consultant to Park Fowler Plus (Formerly Brininstool + Lynch) for this project, Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. (EEA) was responsible for the detention, grading, and ADA accessibility. EEA designed the StormTrap precast detention vault that was installed underneath the dog park. EEA coordinated with Site Design Group, Power Construction, Park Fowler Plus, and StormTrap to provide foundation support for a pergola and fencing within the dog park.

Grading in the park accommodated ADA accessibility for the end-users, ensuring drainage patterns move around planters. A French drain was provided along the western property line adjacent to the park to ensure stormwater does not drain to Ogden without being captured and detained. Interim grading plans were completed to provide the owner the ability to leave a billboard and billboard foundation during construction. EEA collaborated with Site Design Group for green roof plans and park design to provide enough previous areas in the future build-out to meet City of Chicago Volume Control requirements. Additionally, EEA worked with DW Mechanical Group, Inc. on the routing of stormwater piping around the building to provide connectivity to the detention vault.

EEA worked with the entire team to provide multiple options to limit cost and time implications. One of EEA’s own suggested keeping the water pump room in the original location, in turn, requiring no modification to the city main on Randolph. Brininstool + Lynch assisted with locating the pump room under the vehicular ramp to utilize the dead space in the building, allowing them to program more of the first story for other uses. They were able to save approximately 300 SF of building area.

Scope of work icon Scope of work ADA Compliance, Detention System, Draining, Grading, Interim Grading Plans, Stormwater Management
Developer icon Developer Marquette Companies
Architect icon Architect Brininstool + Lynch
Construction Manager icon Construction Manager Power Construction
Architect icon Architect Site Design Group (Landscape Architecture)