The Site Scoop: Tightening As-built Requirements

4 Things Design Team Partners Should know

Near the end of 2017, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management released a general memorandum announcing the enforcement of civil as-built drawing submittals, outlined in the 2016 Regulations for Sewer Construction and Stormwater Management.

The memorandum directly impacts our clients’ projects, and since its release, we’ve worked closely with city engineers to understand and navigate the new requirements.

After four months of leading clients through the new process, here are 4 things design team partners should know:

  1. It’s retroactive. Projects submitted for stormwater review in January of 2016 are subject to enforcement, including completed projects that have received a certificate of occupancy. In these cases, developers will need to hire a surveyor to go back and collect as-built information. Missing submittals could leave developers open to liability.
  2. It impacts contractors. On current and future projects, contractors will need surveyors to document stormwater facilities as they are installed to ensure they are being constructed in substantial compliance with the approved plans. Our civil engineering consultants will coordinate with contractors to ensure the appropriate information is obtained.
  3. There’s a 30-day window. Drawings are due 30-days after construction, and late submittals can result in fees for contractors and owners.
  4. There are efficiencies. Engaging our consultants to focus the surveyor’s attention on collecting the needed data and manage the submittal, greatly speeds up this process.

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