It’s May! We’re Still In This Together.

Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. (EEA) is with you during this unique time, whether it is to evaluate a project site, to implement improvements, to provide market research and analysis, or even to provide some comedic relief. As your advocate, we wholeheartedly believe that we’re all in this together.

Market Watch

Electrical Vehicle Ordinance for New Construction
The Chicago City Council passed an ordinance mandating Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) readiness on new-construction multi-family and commercial properties. The ordinance requires accommodating EVSE on 20% of any supplied parking spaces for newly-built residential buildings with five or more units and onsite parking, and commercial properties with 30 or more parking spaces. 
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Senior Housing Will Need to Fight More Than the Virus
The industry’s response to Covid-19 is a war with three fronts: keeping residents and staff safe; keeping businesses financially sustainable; and combating reports from news outlets that the long-term care space is unsafe for residents at this time. 
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Water Quality Could Change in Unoccupied Buildings 
It’s possible that water left sitting for long periods of time could contain excessive amounts of heavy metals and pathogens concentrated in pipes nationwide, say researchers at Purdue University who have begun a field study on the impact of a pandemic shutdown on buildings.
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Want to know more about Legionella? EEA’s Technical Director Tom Hill has a webinar in the works covering this very topic. Contact Tom at if you are interested in viewing his presentation.

Making WFH Work  

Helpful Tips, Music, and Food
After nearly two months working from home (WFH), EEA has some tips to help you get your work done as well as feed your cravings.
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Avoid Zoom Fatigue 
If you’re finding that you’re more exhausted at the end of your workday than you used to be, you’re not alone. Harvard Business Review has five research-based tips that can help make video calls less exhausting.
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Just for Laughs  

To keep our spirits up, EEA has been celebrating Spirit Week. We encourage you to have your own Spirit Week, just be sure to tag us on social media! If you’re looking for some ideas, check out our videos. 

EEA Spirit Week 1
EEA Spirit Week 2 

Stay Home, Save Lives.   

EEA hopes you are staying safe and healthy. We cannot thank those on the front lines enough for the essential efforts they are putting forth to keep our collective lives moving forward.