Engineers Week: Laura Rosenbauer, PE

What inspired you to become an engineer?
The process of realizing I wanted to be an engineer was a gradual one. Of course, it probably started with my mom and dad, both of whom happen to work in engineering (mechanical & electrical, respectively). Being around them growing up brought the field of engineering into my consciousness from a young age. In high school I leaned towards math and science classes, but I don’t think I really knew what I wanted to do until sometime between picking my major and graduating with my degree – so I will also give some credit to my amazing professors, classmates, and instructors at Smith College.

What drew you to the field of engineering?
I had always heard engineers referred to as “problem solvers.” I knew I wanted my future career to have a positive impact on others – and people are always looking for ways to get their problems solved! So, at first glance it definitely seemed like it could be a good fit.

What is your biggest challenge/reward?

One of the most rewarding things about this job is getting to see a project go from lines on a computer screen, to a functioning building or amenity space in real life. Even though a lot of what we do is below grade, all of the above-ground improvements are only possible because of our “invisible” work. In a way, I feel like I have a behind-the-scenes look at all of the projects I’ve worked on.

What is your favorite thing about being an engineer?
I love that I get to work on such a wide range of projects. It does not feel like I am copying and pasting my work from one job to the next; as a result I am always learning and expanding my skill set for the next project. I also enjoy being in a collaborative environment, where I can bounce questions/ideas off of my coworkers.

What has been your favorite EEA project to work on, and why?

One of my favorite projects I’ve worked on so far is an athletic facility at Round Lake High School. I was able to visit the site when the students walked on their new field for their first football game. Seeing the end product in action is always exciting, and a good source of motivation for future projects.