EEA Welcomes Design Engineer

AaronBruder38Eriksson Engineering Associates is also pleased to announce the addition of Aaron Bruder. Aaron previously interned with EEA’s design team and was recently brought on as a full-time Design Engineer.

Prior to completing his degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois, Aaron attended the prestigious Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy where he graduated with his high school diploma at the age of 16.

Aaron is based in EEA’s Grayslake office and will support the design team with engineering design and construction monitoring.

Although Aaron has strong engineering and technical skills, he also has a background in marketing. While at the University of Illinois, he worked as a marketing intern and assisted with the development and administration of several online marketing campaigns.

As a Grayslake native, Aaron is very excited to kick off his engineering career back in his home town. Outside EEA, he continues to volunteer for his Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda on both a local and national level.