Downers Grove Police & Town Hall Groundbreaking

Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. was excited to be a part of the recent groundbreaking ceremony for the new Downers Grove Police and Town Hall Building. For this project, EEA is serving as a civil engineering subconsultant to FGM Architects and Leopardo Companies.

In the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois, the existing 42-year-old Police Station, and over 90-year-old Village Hall were in need of many expensive maintenance projects. As a result, the Council decided the greatest value to the community would be found in constructing a new combined facility, and redeveloping a portion of the existing site. Part of our design challenge was to successfully phase the project in a way that keeps the existing buildings open while the new building is under construction.

EEA looks forward to seeing this project come to life and better serve the Downers Grove community needs.