EEA Receives Canstruction Chicago Award for Second Year in a Row

Canstruction website collage final

EEA and team partners, ECS Midwest, Power Construction & Fitzgerald Associates Architects received the 2016 Structural Ingenuity Award at the ChicagoCAN Canstruction Awards Reception on Aug. 30 for the team’s “Eroding Hunger” canstructure.

Canstruction Chicago judges were asked to make the selection based on the sculpture that, “Pushes the limits of gravity and physics to turn a basic can of food into a structure that makes you say, “Wow, how did they do that?”
This is the second consecutive Structural Ingenuity award the team has received.

Eroding Hunger, “Is designed as three eroding pillars. Designed with daring structural appearance in mind, we hoped to evoke the precarious situation of hungry citizens in our community. Throughout the design process we studied volumes that would not stand in isolation. Yet, when supported by others, the group stands together. The shape opens toward the audience, exposing the sculpture’s interconnected structure as a nod to how we must support each other’s efforts to erode and eradicate hunger in our community.”

Through careful planning, team work and your support we were able to donate 5,350 cans to the Greater Chicago Food Depository!

On behalf of EEA, we would like to thank our supporters and team sponsors for their generosity.

Watch our team’s build night video!

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