Laura Rosenbauer, PE

Senior Design Engineer

Growing up with two engineers for parents, it’s not surprising that Laura ended up in the same profession. Although she has graduated from Lego manuals to CAD plans, she still has the same passion for turning drawings into real-world structures.

Laura joined our team shortly after graduating from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. With a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science, Laura brings a broader perspective to the site design projects she works on. In her role as Senior Design Engineer, Laura performs site grading, stormwater calculations, maintenance of traffic plans, and numerous other tasks, on sites in both the City of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

A transplant from the East Coast, Laura spends much of her free time exploring Chicago’s eclectic neighborhoods. She also enjoys playing piano and occasionally takes in foster kittens from the local Anti-Cruelty Society in preparation for full-time pet ownership one day.


What’s your hidden talent? I can wiggle my ears.