Alondra Gonzalez

Traffic Engineer

Alondra Gonzalez is one of EEA’s traffic engineers. She specializes in traffic impact studies, parking studies, and transportation planning for different development and redevelopment projects throughout the Midwest. With a passion for helping people, Alondra sees her role as a way to positively impact and improve people’s lives. After all, who doesn’t want a safer, more efficient commute?

Alondra was drawn to Civil Engineering through a summer immersion program with Girls Who Code. Earning her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Marquette University, she chose traffic engineering for how transportation systems can affect our society economically, as well as improve the well-being of individuals using the systems.

During her senior year, Alondra had the opportunity to help design a wastewater treatment facility for Montezuma, Costa Rica through the Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA) design competition. With the winning design in hand, Alondra and her team traveled to Costa Rica to represent the organization and present their project, in addition to volunteering throughout the city and assisting with the creation of CSWEA’s next design competition problem.


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