Historic Wagner Farm

Historic Wagner Farm is an 18.6-acre working farm preserved for the educational and recreational enjoyment of the community of Glenview and its surrounding areas. Glenview Park District, owner of the site, aims to help visitors experience a rural environment while learning about the history of the local area.

The District planned to build a Heritage Center on the full-functioning farm site with the goal of blending the new facility into the existing site while maintaining the feel of a working farm.

EEA worked with the District and architect to create a plan that minimized the disturbance to the site while meeting the owner’s—and end users’—wants and needs. In an effort to maintain aesthetics, EEA designed the detention basin to blend into the rolling hills and maintained slopes so the land could also be used for programming space.

Additionally, EEA coordinated permitting and approvals with the Village of Glenview, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD), and the Park District to help accommodate stormwater flow from the surrounding neighborhoods through the Wagner Farm site.

Scope of work icon Scope of work New Heritage Center, Stormwater Detention, Grading
Architect icon Architect PHN Architects