Glen Ellyn School District 41

EEA has provided civil engineering services to Glen Ellyn School District 41 since 2007. Projects include work on the district’s five schools:

  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
  • Churchill Elementary School
  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
  • Forest Glen Middle School
  • Hadley Junior High School

2007-2008: After a damaging storm resulted in a daylong closure, the District contracted a safety audit, stormwater study, and space utilization study. In addition to conducting the stormwater study, EEA designed a new underground stormwater detention tank system for Benjamin Franklin Elementary School to solve reoccurring regional flooding issues. Additionally, EEA reconstructed and expanded the school’s existing parking lot.

2009-2010: EEA was contracted to assist with the site design for a three-room addition to Hadley Junior High School for special education programs. A new detention tank was incorporated into the project to fulfill current and future stormwater detention needs.

2010-2011: In conjunction with FGM Architects, EEA contributed to the design of an outdoor classroom at Hadley Junior High School. The project included converting an existing courtyard, renovating natural and paved areas, and installing a water feature and outdoor lighting.

2011-2012: In the summer of 2012, EEA engineers redesigned and expanded Hadley Junior High School’s parking lot and underground stormwater detention system.  The design team took what was once a deep, unsafe and fenced-off detention basin, and placed the volume into an underground detention tank.  Through coordination with the Village of Glen Ellyn, EEA also facilitated the connection of the school’s storm sewer to the new public storm sewer system as part of the village’s street improvement project.

Today EEA is assisting the District with a two-year $15 million dollar project to add new classrooms to the district’s four elementary schools. EEA is charged with managing the design of underground detention systems, modifying existing sanitary and water services and designing a paved play area expansion.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Parking Redesign and Improvements, Stormwater Detention Design, Classroom Additions, Sanitary Sewer
Architect icon Architect FGM Architects