Commerce Clearing House

Commerce Clearing House (CCH) is a provider of tax, accounting, and auditing software. Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd. (EEA) was hired by TKA + Partners, Ltd. to provide civil engineering consulting services for the nine-acre project site.

EEA’s participation in the project focused on a massive parking lot renovation in need of major improvements. To save the client time and money, the consultants used creative methods to improve and redo the current parking sites, making changes and expansions as necessary, rather than building an entirely new parking area.

EEA’s design team also took into consideration the stomwater detention requirements for the project. Creating a completely new parking lot would require mandatory stormwater detention, but by recommending specific parking lot rehabilitation design solutions, EEA was able to avoid the requirement.

During the project the engineering team was tasked with bringing the site up-to-date on zoning and regulatory requirements without adding additional services and costs. Upon completion of the project, EEA improved all of the parking areas without interfering with daily site access and building improvements.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Site Renovations, Concrete Pavers, Roadway & Garage Access, Grading, Stormwater Management, Loading Zone, Dumpster Pads
Owner icon Owner Commerce Clearing House
Architect icon Architect TKA + Partners, Ltd.