Clark-Lindsey Retirement Village

Clark-Lindsey Retirement Village offers independent and assisted living, as well as nursing care and therapy services to the active/older adult community. Nestled in the heart of Champaign County, Clark-Lindsey aims to preserve green space and provide a relaxing, yet diversified environment for its residents near the University of Illinois and the town of Urbana.

EEA is currently working with the community to develop the new Green House Homes which contain multiple units per building, as well as the design of all campus utility systems, including stormwater, watermains, sanitary sewer, and gas lines. Additionally, EEA is developing documents in preparation for moving and resizing stormwater detention basins to accommodate the owner’s request to preserve green space by clustering new resident units to take advantage of open areas.  Individual driveways located off new roadways will allow for easy access and navigation for each cluster of units.

Consultants are also assisting Clark-Lindsey representatives with improvements to the new Wellness Center therapy pool.

EEA’s Director of Traffic Engineering has also performed traffic studies for this development.  EEA initially began working with Clark-Lindsey to obtain Urbana City Council approval for an amendment to the previously approved Planned Urban Development (PUD).  Following this amendment, traffic studies were conducted to determine how improvements to the east portion of the campus would affect nearby traffic flow, and ultimately the surrounding neighborhoods.

Scope of work icon Scope of work Planned Unit Development Amendment, Sustainable Site Design, Utility Redesign, Stormwater Detention, Permitting Approvals
Architect icon Architect Perkins Eastman