Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital

EEA has assisted with many projects across the Hines VA Hospital medical campus over several years. While conducting a stormwater master plan, EEA provided both hydraulic and hydrologic studies to thoroughly understand the stormwater conveyance systems. After completion of the analysis, EEA provided recommendations to mitigate impact to the buildings affected.

EEA also worked to provide site engineering design services for an extensive remodeling, expansion and adaptive reuse of Building 53. This building, a cooperative venture between Catholic Charities and Hines, is now being used for senior housing. Following the Building 53 work, EEA was asked to conduct an investigation of the Building 14 site. Owner concerns required EEA consultants evaluate drainage and foundation issues due to stormwater implications.

EEA’s work at Hines VA Hospital continues through an IDIQ. Consultants are providing engineering site design services for a new storage building in addition to stormwater management and flood mitigation adjacent to Building 37.

  • Scope
    of work
    New Buildings & Renovations, Site Investigations, Flood Mitigation, Hydraulic & Hydrology Studies, Stormwater Management, Stormwater Studies
  • Owner Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital, Catholic Charities
  • Architect Kluber, Inc.; Weese Langley Weese