Leading Civil Engineers in the Midwest

At Eriksson Engineering Associates, we believe civil engineering is about people, site functionality at its best, long-term solutions, cost savings and meeting deadlines. As a top civil engineering firm in the Midwest, we go beyond the ordinary to advocate for you—to do whatever it takes to ensure your projects are meeting every objective and every milestone. We provide the civil minded insight you need for complete project success.

Core Services

Providing the finest in Civil Engineering Services

Our work is often hidden – beneath the ground, water, building or pavement – but our success is defined by how well our designs compliment the building or site. On projects large and small, our consultants help navigate project challenges and client needs so the site performs well today, tomorrow and years into the future.

We have the right expertise for your specific market

While we offer a wide array of civil engineering services, we also have very focused expertise in specific markets. Odds are, we’ve tackled the challenges you may be facing, and we’ve solved problems you may encounter. This means you can turn to us for innovative solutions that are based on real world experience in your respective market or industry.

We provide a clear approach based on sound expertise

Small renovations. New developments. Phased campus planning. We’ve done it all. In fact, few firms have our unique combination of experience and market expertise. Additionally, our focus on relationships means we look to help you turn your creative vision into a reality. Our consultants approach each project with both a fresh set of eyes and years of experience across many market areas.